Friday, June 27, 2003

Feeling much better about it all today. Things ARE movingÖ just at a glacial pace, thatís all. Nobody cut off a utility, or turned off the porno channel or anything.

The weather here is too good for me to be in the house locked to the computer so I pressed an old Mac Classic into service. That thing is amazing reallyÖ it can still talk to my other computers, and hasnít failed once inÖ -- I just looked to see how old it wasÖ It was made in 1990. I would have guessed it was much older than that. Iíve actually only had it for less than half its life. I bought it for $30 at the Sally Ann. Long story short ñ itís kind of "lugable" and can be taken out on the back porch.

This has proved entertaining almost at once. Iím sitting out there thinkingÖ when youíre trying to write something you do a lot of that. People think youíre just sitting there. AnyhooÖ Iím just sittiní there, and my neighbour comes walking into the driveway and up the back stairs. Heís on his way to the back door and he doesnít see me siting there. So I say "Boo" and totally scare the crap out of him. I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. Fíing fun eh?

I guess working outside is a little more distracting than Iím used to, but heyÖ itís worth it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Aw fuckÖ Today it was the fíing gas company. Along with the new name comes stricter payment terms. By missing a disconection notice I was shut off. By missing the 2:00pm call back time itís $100 to turn it on today. Tomorrow it will be only $50. Plus, I suppose Iíll have to give them a deposit of a couple of months worth of gasÖ about $250. So itís costing me $600 to settle a $300 bill. Iíve had a hydro account for 25 years and have never been shut off before. All the utilities seem to be belt tightening these days. Iím wondering how many people they cut off in a day and if those numbers are increasing. I wonder how much they have on "deposit" from poor folk.

Even my music royalty company wants money. They send me this stupid magazine every month for 20 years, then in this months edition, is a letter pretending to be a royalty cheque (so Iíd open it I suppose) that informs me that itís "Time to renew your subscription to Words & Music". They want ME to pay THEM $15 a year for this. Why donít they divvy up some of that recordable media tax and give EVERYONE a stupid "what Canadian musicians are doing" magazine. As if anyone cares. Maybe it would be good for buisness.

I have had just about enough of this scratching around for a living. The last few times I was in the States, they were begging me to stay. I could be making a living there. If I canít afford the medical insurance here either, what the fuckís the difference? Go for the money.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

I Finaly got the contracts I've been bitching about. Oh joy. I still have to send them in and wait a while more for the money. Thanks to those who helped.

I found a page of movie scripts the other day. I can't remember where the page with the index is, but I bookmarked one of my favorites. Ever see The Big Lebowski? Some wonderful acting from some the best actors - but the SCRIPT is the real star. Give it a read.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

No yard pissers today. I guess I got off easy. Just too lazy to do anything today. Ever have a day like that?

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

So this morning, like every day, Iím checking the mail (101 days-see below). I look out the front door window, and thereís a guy sitting on a rock in my garden wearing only a pair of black boxers. Iím figuring it might be the guy who has been breaking into houses in the neighborhood casing my place. (I didnít even think about what he had onÖ ) Iím kind of hiding inside watchingÖ hoping heíll try to break in. Iím thinking Iíll let him get three quarters of the way in the window before I hit him with my baseball bat.

Then I notice heís smoking a joint. Now Iím not intending any sort of an east side ñ west side debate here, but where I live youíre just not used to strangers smoking pot in your yard. Itís usually your friends. So just when Iím thinking this is a little odd, the guy taps out the reefer, stands up and starts pissing on this big holly tree right in my front yard. There were cars being parked out on the street just a few feet away. What the fuck? I was so stunned I didnít even open the door to scare him off. He never once turned around to see if there was anyone in the house who might ofÖ oh I donít knowÖ OWNED the tree he was pissing on. Then ñ get this ñ the guy walks around the hedge and goes into the four-plex next door. This creep is my fucking neighbor.

If I wanted to see this kind of shit from my front door at noon I could pay a lot less for it.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Isnít it great when someone does the work for you? Are you tired of trying to find just the right bondage picture to send to that girl youíre stalking in Atlanta? Eat My Shorts makes it easy. Okay, sorry for posting the low blow of attention grabbers, but this one is simply unbelievable. Can you imagine the amount of work it would take to make an index like this?

Thursday, June 12, 2003


I had my cable shut off today. The cable company provides my Internet access. When this type of thing happens, it reminds you how important Internet communication has become. I suppose I have no one to blame except myself. Iím the one who refuses to "get a job". This time my delicate financial apple cart was upended by two government behemoths, one owing me, and me owing the other.

My debt is to medical services, which I canít afford to pay right now. Iíve paid the full pop for that my whole life, even though I have always been eligible for subsidy, and I have cost them NOTHING in 44 years. WellÖ Iím going on the gravy train now. I canít afford not to.

The other behemoth commissioned me to do some work for them and gave me a ridiculously short time to do it in. On Monday it will be 100 days since I handed in the first of the work, and I still have not received a contract on it, let alone my money. Itís even dumber than that really, but I wonít say more until Monday. Oh, and did I forget to say they got me to work REAL CHEAP too?

If I didnít need them, Iíd be SO outa there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I'm going to go do something I haven't done in a while. I'm gong to sit down and watch a movie. I usualy get too bored just sitting to make it through a whole one, but tonight I'm quite tired and I have a small supply of crap food. I do however, have a link for you if you don't have a movie to watch. At iTools you can find out about stuff. Lots of stuff.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Wes invites you to visit the new Wes Bay Films page. That Is All...

Monday, June 09, 2003

Itís stunning the kind of talent you find out there on the net. Every now and then you run across something truly Ö well... something that is so awesomely horrible that it resembles finely crafted comedy. When my pal sent me this I wished Iíd thought of it. You just have to see and hear this for yourself.

Although nothing will seem as funny after that, I invite you to check out the newest Super Jeffie episode. A Super Jeffie Special: Behind The Cloth

Summer ñ parties, girls, and booze. I went to a baseball party the other night. Iím not on the team, my girlfriend is. I havenít seen anyone "shotgun" a beer in person for twenty years. It was as I remembered.

I had several women show me their tits, and there was an "ass show" through the living room window earlier in the evening. These people were a lot of fun, but they werenít my usual martini crowd. Mostly they were just louder, I suppose. I was still drinking martinis though. I was just putting them in a giant beer glass.

They put everybody in the front yard this time, so the cops wouldnít come so early. Itís better with all the noise there than on the deck out back, high above the neighborhood. Plus, I suppose, you can smoke guilt free.

The yard looked gorgeous. The hostess had decorated the hedge-enclosed space with mirrors, candles and food. There were a pair of dogs and some toys there for our fetch and pull pleasures. Very nice, and very loud. Soon we went home, so we could really start drinking.

Man, Miss Cís tits are fabulous. Iím going to go buy one of those tiny spy cams, and live in hope Iíll see them again.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Now I remember what summer feels like. A hot one today. I got up early and went to the little herselfís sports day festivities at the elementary school. It was hot and dusty and there was no beer garden. I think we need more parental involvement in this sort of activity. In my day there were more parents than kids at sports day. Today I saw more kids than adults. A sign of the times, I suppose. So what about a beer garden? Get the parents involved.

"Just go do a relay for a sec honey, mommyís just gonna have one more!"

We could bend elbows and talk about all those parenting things Iíd probably have talked about this morning if anyone I knew had shown up. Make it last an hour or two longer so you could have enough time to really work on a few of those cute young moms that always seem to be at these things.

AnyhooÖ The afternoon was filled up with inflating a Slip ën Slide product. A foot pump ruined all of our legs before we realized that just blowing it up the old way worked better. But it has a cool sprinkler effect. Of course NO ADULTS or youíll cause yourself PERMANENT INJURY. Oh well, at least youíll die someday, so it wonít really be permanent. Not like being dead is permanent.

The movie Vanilla Sky gives me the creeps, and itís not just because of Tom. Sorry, itís on TV right now and I think it made me write the previous paragraph.

The "Sea Breeze" is a wonderful summer drink. Vodka, (well duhÖ) grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. You can play around with the amounts. Itís very forgiving. Some people can drink them all afternoon and still inflate a Slip ën Slide.

Oh, and one more thing Ö use sunscreen if you can. I got a red nose today, and I donít think it was the Sea Breezes. Okay, NOW I remember what summer feels like.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

AkkkkÖ What a week. I got woken up today by Hydro asking for money or theyíd shut me off. Itís a good thing I didnít have enough for the rent, or I couldnít have paid them. Itís a problem. I donít think getting a regular job is an option. Itís not all that bleak though, I guess. I received two offers for commissioned work today. One is a bunch of guitar playing. I miss that. The other may be fun but will be a lot of work for not a whole bunch of money, and it will take longer to get paid than it takes to Ö actually, I canít think of anything that takes that long.

I had a conversation the other day with a friend. We have been discussing re-writing another script of his. It takes quite a bit of work to pull off a good story. We approach the whole idea slowly. Writing is an immersion thing for us. We agreed to do it some time ago, and are slowly warming up to it. I wonder when Iíll get paid for THAT one. Sigh.

"Iíll just throw back my legs and pollute my britches with delight. Montgomery Burns

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Whew..... made it through another weekend. I guess weekends are not so meaningless after all. I'm too tired to rant tonight, so I'll make your visit worthwhile with a link to one of the best porn directories there is. My buddies go on and on about this one. That's what the internet is all about, right kids? Learning to share, I mean.

Sublime directory

Or maybe you would rather hear god speak.