Friday, April 30, 2004


So we were going to the bank. We were standing out in front of the dollar store, waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street. I look down and there's a pack of weiners lying there on the sidewalk. J says "They must have fallen out of someone's bag."

As we're crossing the street I'm saying how it would be funny to have a camera and film the people looking at the weiners as they walk by.

So J goes in the bank, and I'm standing there watching the people across the street walking by the weiners wishing I had a videocam with me, and this guy walking down the street picks up the weiners and keeps on walking.

J comes out of the bank and I tell her. She says the guy is probably going to feed them to his dog. I said that I wouldn't feed a pack of weiners I found on the street to MY dog.

The guy looked pretty happy to find the weiners. There's probably a whole other story there somewhere. I'm thinking "What a weiner.