Thursday, December 18, 2003

I was wondering what would spark a return to the blog. So many things were happening... so much was getting done... so much money was not comming. Crapity crap. So what was it?
It was the death this monday of a wonderful and cheery man, Monty McFarlane. He was the morning man at CJOR for over twenty years. My mother, an avid radio buff, listened to him the whole time. I remember his voice as part of my youth. I would hear him as I grumbled about having to eat breakfast and go to school. I suppose this alone would not have been enough to wake me from my blogless sleep. Monty and I had another connection. We shared a cat.

Many moons ago my family had a pair of siamese cats - the huge old fashioned kind. They both lasted forever, and were much missed by the family when they died. So here's where Monty comes in. He finds this huge siamese at his house one day. It won't go away and it's mean. A real asshole this cat. Not knowing what to do with it, he asks a local vetrinarian for advice. He told Monty he knew of a family that would take in such a cat and be able to deal with it. So guess who that was? Tough one eh?

This cat loved my dad, but hated women and used to attack my mother constantly. He hated fuzzy slippers and would hide behind a chair and suddenly jump out and try to shred her feet. He bit her hand and gave her a serious bout of blood poisoning. He scratched an "X" mark on the back of my hand that is still there, and is listed somewhere in my medical files as a "distinguishing mark".

Anyhoo, the cat turned out to be brilliant, and a great friend. He's long gone now and I still miss him. I miss Monty too. Denny Boyd said in his column that If you wanted to pay your respects to West Vancouver's greatest wit you should "Fill your lungs with fresh air and laugh your ass off for a minute." I can only hope someone would say such a nice thing about me when it's my time. Now I'm gonna go laugh my ass off.

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