Monday, January 14, 2008

GGA! How exciting!

No "F" bombs at the Golden Globes

I don't know... Hollywood awards shows should be a bit like Formula One Racing. There is no fun without the danger.

Last night the danger was removed from the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards with the removal of the talent.

The writers strike now in week whatever, resulted in an awards show on CNN populated with those hopeless model-presenter-fake Hollywood newstard-dental work displays such as: "Entertainment Tonight's" Mary Hart, "Showbiz Tonight's" Brooke Anderson, Giuliana Rancic of "E! News Daily" "Extra's" Dayna Devon, Lara Spencer of "The Insider," and Jim Moret from "Inside Edition."

Brooke Anderson said she was "honored and thrilled to be here tonight". She looked like she would have rather been at the dentist.

On the traditional home of GGA ceremony NBC, was an "Access Hollywood" PR gushing with hosts Billy Bush, Nancy O'Dell, and newstard Shaun Robinson really going deep with Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger.

"It's going to be a very exciting night!" Robinson said about two minutes into the show.

Exciting indeed! Cate Blanchett wins the first announced Globe for a film called "I'm Not There." Oh the irony.

I couldn't even watch the NBC show... like fish flopping on a video deck.

There just is no danger... Nobody says "fuck", no Beyonce Knowles cleavage, no crazy talent at all.

On to the Oscars!


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