Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wow. It pays to get old.

Some times it's cool to be a packrat. I have one of these around here somewhere. And extra parts for one too. It must be 40 years old, and looks and works perfectly.

15-6234 DeArmond Archtop Guitar Pickup, with original box
Behold a very fine condition Nickel-Plated Rhythm Chief Assembly with the deep red center section.. It is silver nickel plated with the original box –still shows indications that it was in the past used. Although excellent in every way it was at one time used and then later buffed up to shiny. There is a slight scratch across the red center section and the back of the pickup (nobody ever sees it) has like an old, mostly removed, felt backing. Two felt circles remain. This has two clear rotary knobs for Volume and Tone and one brass push button for Rhythm. It has the long nickel-plated metal post that allows you to connect the bottom section to the strings between bridge and tailpiece. The connector on this one is a “radio connector” cord with a screw-on female end. The cable accompanies the pickup. $1,237 at Discount Price, with a Cash Discount Price of $1200.

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