Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Get ready.
Busy as fuck. Lots going on. Tired. Happy.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Friday, October 03, 2003

This week in surfing...

When women are shown in positions of powerlessness, submission, and subjugation the message to men is clear. Women are always available as the targets of aggression and violence, they are inferior to men and thus deserve to be dominated, and women exist to fulfill the needs of men. (Kilbourne, 1999).

Douglas Thompson theartsnob.com

GrowKind.com marijuana growing online since 1997. The featured attraction is their user submitted pictures from marijuana gardens around the world! Hey everyone is doing it.

3 AM Magazine
"From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up..." - The Times, London

Cher Scholar
This is not a fan site...just a great experiment to prove that something creative and productive can come from a life of self-imposed Cher Scholarship. Oh my...

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Slowly starving... pain, lack of smokes. I can hold it back as long as the vodka holds out. I prefer ICEBERG vodka. If you're going to visit, I mean. Made an art film today. Of course it's funny as hell. (Why don't we say "funny as heaven?) I threw a handful of dead bugs and old wasp nests on the scanner, wrote down some more or less random phrases and made some music with a saxophone and a bicycle. I took all that and made a film called "Dead Things". It is strangely compelling. It's here if you are interested.

I'm going to go see "G3 '03" in a couple of weeks. (Satriani / Vai / Malmsteen). That's total guitar wanking for those of you who don't recognize the names. Should be loud. I'll let you know.

More and more projects completed and on the way. Boy howdy, at least I'm making a lot of shit. Now all I need to do it get someone to pay for it. So what else is new? I guess I need a grant. ROTFLMAO.. (Sorry , I like that one.)

I'd love to have a prostitute and a bottle of tequila right now. Fuck.. I can't even convince myself. All I want is a sandwich . I've got it all. Right Jo?