Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Another baby boomer story... We forced all those people into mandatory retirement and now that too is a thing of the past. No more freedom 65.We can work AS LONG AS WE HAVE TO! Oh joy. Iíll never get that trip to Paris.

Letís take a trip to Paris,
weíll lie around and be lazy.
Youíre the one I want to go with,
you really drive me crazy.

Letís take a boat down a river,
drink wine, smoke cigarettes
then go back to the hotel
and weíll eat up some baguettes, down in France

Down in France,
thatís the place for romance
down in France.
In France,
thatís the place to be.

Letís take a trip to paradise,
and lay around under blue skies,
where everything is perfect, well
except for all those French guys.

"We got cash, so spare no
expense" will be our motto.
We just gotta get tickets,
so we can win the lotto.

...and then weíll go to a
small cafe, where
we can fein clever, and
parlez Frances...
and sip on wine, and
snack on cheese.
So letís go now...

Letís go to Toulouse, it
sounds like such a lovely sort of place,
and see ëem fighting with their feet,
and you-know-whating with their face.

...or maybe weíll stay at home,
put French channel on the TV, where
even an add for Zellers sounds
romantic to me.

Letís take a trip to Paris,
weíll lie around and be lazy.
Youíre the one I want to go with,
you really drive me crazy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

"Come very safely in Toronto"

Itís okay to go to Toronto again. Our crappy Prime Minister says so. Just how is that disease transmitted anyway? I suppose that guy is never going to learn how to speak English. Heíd be way more "poopuler". Or maybe he really IS on dope.

Speaking of dope, "da little guy from Shawinigan" said today he is going to decriminalize pot in "a couple of months". Sure. Theyíll make it A BIG FINE INSTEAD and finally start busting people again for it. Can you say "revenue stream"? Just wait.

Nothing says "Kids... keep away from drugs" louder than Ozzy. Now THEREíS a reality show. The Ozbornes just kills me. I wonder where he goes when he fades in and out like that. What would be inside HIS head?

What a fucking pain in the ass. Fridge keeps getting warmer and warmer for a few days, and you start eating out a lot. Well I canít ignore it any more ëcause it just pissed on my kitchen floor. That was my fault though. I defrosted it and there was too much water for the dinky little pan under there.

I wonder how Jeffie is doing. I was reminded of him cleaning out the goo from under the refrigerator. I donít know why that connection was made. I wanted to take a picture of the goo to post here, but I decided I was just procrastinating. It wasnít all that interesting unless youíre into realizing how much better you are than me.

Later we were out for a walk up to the local MEGADRUGSTORE . You always meet someone you know on these medicated jaunts who can tell your happy hour is short but efficient. Most people donít care if youíre wandering around in a daze, as long as you donít get in their way, but your friends always have to ask if youíre ripped.

I bought some butane for an old lighter I got at the crap store. I had to get flints tooÖ but itís a cool lighter, and worth fixing up. Itís a solid chunk of acrylic with an oyster with a real pearl inside. OOOHHHhhhÖ. But I really got it ëcause it weighs a lot and itís huge. Two really good things in a studio lighter. The little shitty disposable ones keep disappearing.

Then I came home and watched Mr. Personality. Thereís another good example of feculent TV. I predict next as the ultimate reality showÖ just yanking someone off the street and sticking a camera up their ass to see whatís in there. Sort of an Al Caponeís Vault thing. Iím sure Rivera is availableÖ Iíd probably have to pass on watching that one even if it revealed more personality up there than all of the Mr. Personality guys combined. But that dark blue mask guyÖ what a weenie, eh?

While pushing shit around in the basement I also found a box of really old love letters Ö yepÖ Mr. Personality Ö thatís me.

Iíve had the fridge on for a while now, so Iím hoping the vodka has returned to its normal chilled state. (It is kept in the freezer here) The studio is still a horrible mess, and itís not cleaning itself, so Iím going to go upstairs to have a drink and watch TV in case itís just waiting for me to leave before doing that.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hey, guess what? Our crappy Prime Minister WANTS TO BE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS. I donít know if I should laugh or puke.

"Not everyone around the world is prepared to take the word of the United States on faith." He said.

He also said, "A proof is a proof. What kind of proof? A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proof."

Maybe he's on dope. Or maybe itís just that he really wants that UN job and doesnít want to be seen as Americaís bitch.

Today I spent the whole day moving shit around in my basement. I have way too much stuff. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHH. Iíve moved at all around down there a hundred times. I found some cool things too. I gave a few of them to Yaboo. Iíll have to check in on that auctionÖ.

Bill Gates is said to have put up 70 million for genetic research. I guess that pretty soon heíll own the ultimate operating system. I just hope it doesnít come bundled with that browser.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

It's funny... there are some things you learn that stick with you forever. I'm not talking life lessons here. Not those romantic lessons that scar you for life. ( Like those two girls at a party I was at when I was 15 that wanted to show me something THEY had just learned.) No I'm talking about something different here. And not the putting oil in the car thing either.

I learned how to play the guitar. I spent countless hours hunched over a crappy little turntable, playing fragments of songs over and over trying to get them just right. My cat could play the guitar if it spent that long at it. I don't think I've spent more time doing anything except sleeping. The thing is... being a guitar player is a horrible way to make a living. I won't get into that now. We'll just say it's not exactly selling masks in Toronto.

I still make my living from music, I just don't get to play guitar that often anymore. There are other instruments and interests out there, and I'm a bit of a do everything guy, so time is thin. But here's the thing... I'm glad I learned this because sitting around in the studio yanking along to a bunch of chords IS LIKE GETTING HIGH. I kid you not. If you're having one of those real good yanks where you can do no wrong, and your fingers are going where you're telling them to as if by magic you get just RIPPED. It's true.

I had one of those days yesterday. That kind of thing is the closest I've come to a religious experience, I suppose. Anyhoo, it's cheeper than coke, and doesn't fuck up your nose.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Last night I went out to see a show called "Baby Boomer Blues" at the Waterfront Theatre.

I should just get over the fact that I myself am a baby boomer. I was born at the tail end of it. I think people my age were the real first GenX crowd. There were far fewer of us, and all the good jobs had been taken by our older siblings during an economic boom. I was reminded of this by seeing a 650 CISL truck parked outside the theatre. People my age used to refer to that radio station as "650 Senile" because of its then tame 50's playlist. Now it has a tame 60's playlist. I suppose it won't be long 'till LedZep is the "house band" there. Sigh....

I forgot about all this when I went inside, and saw Phillip Tidd's brilliant retro set design. The theatre was filled with some kind of fog that accented an equally wonderful lighting design by Marsha Sibthorpe.

It all looked great, but I had come for the singers. Shari Ulrich, Andy Thoma and Linda Kidder are local legends, and sang like it. I even got a little misty eyed during a few of the more poignant tunes. Great singers. Great set. A great show. On through May 10 Tues-Sat 8:00pm, with a 4:00pm Sunday Matinee at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island.

Now I have to go and talk to Yaboo about J-diddys soul. The bidding closes tomorrow, and itís getting expensive. Check out the auction at Matt Frames Brothel 'O Love.


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Speaking of J-Diddy... I checked out some of her porn links in the latest Slushpile. When I first started using the internet (I'm sure it wasn't even called that then), it was a text based system. Most of the "good" pictures were on buliten boards, and were snached from army guys on the backbone who were just about the only guys that could send pictures anywhere.

So skip ahead 20 years or so, and we find now, as then, porno is king. I know a few guys making money on the net, and they are not musicians, artists or writers. They don't even write code. They sell access to pictures of women doing the most unbelieveable things. (I remember my mother saying "Why cant you make money on the internet like -----? He's doing well." Ya he was doing well at his "insertion" site.) Anyhoo... being a guy, much time was spent on looking at ever more disturbing images. This seemed to be the whole point of internet. Free discussion and posting, without the usual monitary and moral censorship.

The porn got boring after a while. Real boring. Other sites that had a little porn, and a lot of other disturbing stuff popped up. An early fave that has gotten too gross for me now is Rotten. They used to have great editorials, but I can't even go there now. A better place for all out filth and weirdness today is C J's. They have a stunning number of visitors on-line any time you go there. C J's calls 'em "sick fucks". They're probably right. There are many more sites out there that horrify. I'll post a few more here. (In case you want to write some government official to complain... I mean, you'll have to do some research first, right?)

I'm hope my girlfriend comes home soon. I'm starving and I seem to be unable to feed myself. I can't do laundry either. Boy what a catch I am. Toodles...
Welcome to the Official Wes Bay Blog. I have no idea why anyone would have interest in something like this, but I find myself reading other people's blogs, and have enjoyed them. One of my current faves is J-Diddys Slushpile. Now I have to go do some things. I'll be back.