Monday, June 28, 2004

Go out and vote today.


Tonight I write to you from my secret fortress deep in the heart of money town. Don't jump to conclutions here... it's not my money. But is is rather fantastic , the display of wealth I mean. They will be needing to widen the streets to accomodate all the Hummers out here. I heard a statistic the other day that said a university education will add a lifetime average of $200,000 to ones earning power. When a good education costs half of that, and a house costs a million dollars, you wonder if you wouldn't be better off to keep your job at Safeway, and grow a little dope on the side for the "extras" like an urban assault vehicle of your own.

Extra, extra... Read all about it... The Prime Minister says he is committed to combating western alienation...

Alienation my ass. The only way Paul Martin could fix up western alienation is by going back in time and killing Trudeau's parents. He's going to try to win us over anyhow. Martin is in the middle of a "campain sweep" through BC today trying to convince voters he's not part of the hipocritical and self-serving murder of crows that ruined this country so many years ago. The west hasn't forgotten. Good luck you bastard.

And what did he say the other day? Did I hear that right? Is Martin really considering decriminalizing failing to register guns? Associate Defence Minister Albina Guarnieri conducted a three month review of the fed's firearm registry, and urged the government to take rifles and shotguns out of the criminal code. The Liberals refused. That was a month ago. Those guys must be fucking desparate. It makes criminals of millions of good citizens, and for no good reason or benifit. I still wonder what the final bill for all of this is going to be.

So the secret fortress thing is not looking like such a good deal if you're faced with the running out of smokes at ten o'clock at night. I'd forgotten how hopless this neighbourhood was at SERVICE. I guess a blue collar guy expects to find someone selling smokes 'round the clock. As these neighbours must charge out at $300 per hour, they probably can't see how it could be done.

Go out and vote today.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Master Debators

Did you ever have one of those days? You know, one of those days where it starts out okay, there's coffee, and enough smokes to get you through the morning... Then suddenly, one of the thousands of cats around here shits on the manuscript for a piece you've been working on for YEARS... I suspect me leaving the pages on the floor next to the cat box may have had something to do with it. It's just sitting out on the porch right now with shit all over it. I wonder what I'll do with it. I wonder if Shane ever reads this. He'd probably laugh his ass off.

I watched the debate the other night. How embarrassing. I don't talk about our leaders when I talk about how great Canada is. Canada is a wonderful country despite (or in spite of) it's citizenry. I like Harper best, though. One of the other bastards wants to tax estates so the can get at even move of your AFTER TAX BUCKS. I guess capital gains on the house isn't good enough for them. Maybe the NDP should take away ALL POSSETIONS when a citizen reaches the age of majority. THAT will level the playing field. Naive Bastards.

But Harper, I dunno... he' got that cool Kennedy hair, and all. And who could forget JFK? He fucked Marilyn. Too bad Tony Curtis wasn't running. The other two? One just wants to steal some of your money, the other wants to steal A WHOLE PROVINCE.

Who's in da hou? Eleanor Zelnick, that's who. Hear her read one of her short classic poems "Colours". Eleanor, as you may remember, was the first woman spokesperson for a leading brand of adult diapers. When questioned by a reporter on whether she used that brand herself, she replied "What, you think I shit myself?"

She was fired, and has been living on a float home in North Vancouver ever since.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

This is all I post after all this time?
what have I been doing? Check it out.