Friday, August 01, 2003

Thursday. I have a rock band in my basement every Thursday night. Perhaps this is why Iím already drinking and itís only four in the afternoon. Or maybe itís because I donít have any money, but I do have drinks. And itís sunny, and my house is a mess, and itís just me here all day, and Iím kindío tired cause I had the same kind of a day yesterday.

On a lighter note, some idiot 20 years ago put pea-gravel under my back porch. I suppose it looked nicer than the dirt at the time, but Iíll let you in on something... pea gravel looks a lot like KITTY LITTER. To cats in particular. So right now Iím sitting three feet above 20 years worth of cat turds. The smell on a hot windless day is eye watering. I figured all this out a while ago, and still havenít done anything about it. I mean what if Iím pregnant? Toxoplasmosis, you know.


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