Tuesday, July 22, 2003


The limo glides over the pavement at 100 miles an hour. Itís dark now, and weíre still a long way from LA. Iíve got this laptop on loan from a redhead in Seatle and the batteries are good. Iív some catching up to doÖ The story so farÖ

I got a phone call from a producer in California. "Come NOW", he said. "The Limo is in Vancouver."

I told him I wouldnít go unless the car had a fully stocked bar. It has one. I also told him I wanted a suitcase full of cash. Iím resting my feet on whatís left of it right now. That was Thursday. Iím not sure what day it is now Ö possibly SaturdayÖ

NoÖ wait a minuteÖ Itís Tuesday and Iím sitting in front of the computer in the basement. In my gonch.... Shit.

However, I did go to the lake yesterday. I even went swimming. I didnít see the turtle this time. Last week is a blur, next week is already under way, and I canít find my smokes. But lookÖ Iím posting before midnight. Even if it ës not making sense.


P.S. I just can't believe this. More specificaly this. But really this.


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