Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Shooters. Yep shooters. Sticky sweet boozy shooters, not the cap-in-yer-ass kind. But in some ways they do seem to cap some ass after all. It must be the sugar, but the high is real fuzzy. It's all on video, but I think we mailed it somewhere. I hope it wasn't to the CBC, they probably think I'm weird enough already.

It's fall today, and the leaves turned on this huge vine thing we've got in the backyard. I brought our one and only "huge" dope plant inside. It's about six inches high and was grown for a special reason. It will star in an upcoming episode of "Super Jeffie". I mean, it's kind of okay now, isn't it? I started when Pierre said it was alright to do so.

So what's new? Well a few things. I'm drinking cold vodka out of a small glass and it's working. Jeeze, why have I been puting fruit juce in this shit for so many years? Maybe this is why it's taken so long to bloom as an alcoholic. Oh oh... having trouble now getting the top back on the bottle. Time to fire up the MSM and see if there is anyone to bug.

Nope... Sometimes I wonder if they can tell how drunk I am. In real life you can't proof read what you are shouting at some cute young thing at the bar.

"I've never tried Viagra" you say as your inner voice tells you you're a complete idiot for the 400th time.

At least you have that one moment to change your mind before sending your phone number to some she-male named "Brandy" in Carolina.

I'm going to miss Johny Cash, and the Maytag guy. Ritter too, I suppose, although I thought he never had the right vehicle. I mean Three's Company... Jeeze. Ever see the original French one? More like "Fluffy Towels" than "Married with Children", if you know what I mean. I did however appreciate his involvement in "Noises Off", a wonderful play within a play within a movie that speaks to me in a way few farces do. Denholm Elliot is brilliant in it too. Get this one, or watch it on TV next time you see it in the guide. It's one of my faves.

Stepped over the line now between fun-time and drunk-time. Spelling may suffer, if it hasn't already. Am refusing spell check on principal. Fucking hard. Never could spell. A writer dosn't have to be able to do that does he?

You know that hunger you get when you're hammered? I do.

I figure I've got about ten minutes to solve the worlds problems before I melt into an un-typing puddle of goo. Where do you start with something like that? I can't solve my own problems. Fuck the world. And you too, I suppose.

On movie chanel:

"Gray Area". Why is it they use opera music in the Nazi killing-camp movies? That poor soprano. What would the composer think? Oh ya, he didn't like them did he. But all the footage with the back of heads exploding was not the picture any of the artists involved had in mind when they were creating that music. I'm sure of it. Opera and brutal insane horror. Good mix.

That's it I'm going to go eat now.


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