Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I got a pamphlet in the mail last week. Well actually it was in my hydro bill. It turns out the police are worried about dope growers in our residential neighborhoods.

The pamphlet described the typical grow house. You donít see anyone. Some of the windows are blocked. There are security measures visible. There are childrenís toys about and seldom or never children. There are gardening supplies in the yard. Bright lights can be seen from the basement.

This describes my house perfectly. I probably use too much electricity too. Now Iím just waiting for the neighbor next door to call the cops the next time I fire up the animation lighting.

Just keep saying itís a sovereignty issue between Canada and America. I am tired of us going along with those guys all the time. I mean itís like WEíRE A WHOLE SEPARATE COUNTRY you know. Why should we be a part of their retarded social programs? We have enough of those here (see "gun control" below). Canada should have the world by the balls. What happened?


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