Friday, November 24, 2006

Safe in your own home...

Capilano Road reopened after shooting along Upper Levels.

Sometimes you live in a small town, sometimes you live in a big city.

Last night the usual quiet of a Thursday night was interrupted by the low thump thump thump of an unusual helicopter. Sort of a military sounding thing - not the usual rescue bird at all.

I went outside to see what it was doing. It was circling my neighborhood again and again. We've seen that before. One of the rescue copters was out shining a searchlight about the neighborhood in the summer. As I remember, we later learned they were looking for a felon.

So... on the noon news today I hear about a shooting a block from my house. The footage is dramatic.

"Last night at approximately eight p.m....blah blah... HAIL OF BULLETS...blah blah blah..."

Anyhoo... last night someone shoots up an SUV with a machine gun. Nobody knows anything. The guy is too badly shot up to get any info out of him. Little yellow tags litter the ground marking bullet casings, police everywhere...

That's at least two shootings within a block or two of my new house.

And I thought living next to crack-boy was dangerous.


Vancouver Sun, Friday, November 24, 2006.

Capilano Road reopened after shooting along Upper Levels.

NORTH VANCOUVER - Mounties in North Vancouver have finally reopened Capilano Road after a shooting along the Upper Levels Highway that happened around 9 p.m. Thursday, News1130 is reporting. Witnesses have suggested the shots sounded like they came from a machine gun.

A man reportedly ran into the intersection and opened fire at a passing vehicle when someone in that vehicle fired back. Moments later, the car being fired upon appeared to lose control, sideswiped another car and then crashed into a guardrail.

One person has apparently been seriously injured with a wound to the chest. That's especially upsetting to people who live in the area. They say even if this was a targetted hit, it's the danger that comes with stray bullets and speeding cars that can affect innocent lives.

Source: News 1130


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